Saturday, 5 December 2009


The others finally crumbled, gave in and we joined Twitter (see feed on the right >).

I'm HAPPY about this of course (i won't say 'i told you so'). We'll keep things BANG up to date on there and here, with Facebook & Myspace slightly lagging behind.

We'll sign each tweet so we can say exactly what we want to say..

JH = James Hankins (AKA..Boonbeans, Heinz Junkins, Orange, Major Irritant)
ML = Matt Lacey (AKA..Delifinger, Dale French, Purple, Bruce Tinkle)
GJ = Gareth Jones (AKA..Lionheart, Gaz Love, Green, G-Love)
MH = Mark Hankins (AKA..Seaweed, Snow Flake, Blue, iSore)

JH's own twitter feed HERE.
MH's own twitter feed HERE.


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