Saturday, 5 December 2009

DEAR DIARY (Dec Part 1)

JH writes..

"Had a long walk in the morning, in the rain, in my wet shoes, to our new practice room. The room was freezing! We did manage to come up with a couple of new songs though. 'Disney' & 'Motor Phone' are the working titles. I really really like 'Disney'. I do a spoken vocal over the music and i sort of sound like an old welsh man talking about the past. I called GJ 'mum' for some reason!? Hahaa! Got a KFC zinger meal and sat with all the Sunday night travellers. On my walk up the 'rat run' in the dark in Bengeo a duck quacked at me, just when i needed a thought in my head about the new 'Disney' song confirming. sounded like a quack, could have be a laugh."


Peter said...

I love all the Disney characters. All of them are funny and loveable. My favorite one is Mickey Mouse.

Monica said...

Donald is my favorite character in Disney. The song is funny. Actually, it does not only the song, but also the character itself is very funny.