Tuesday, 27 October 2009

DEAR DIARY (Oct Part 2)

BB writes..

Been driving, been thinking. Over the last few weeks i've been driving here, there, A to B, sometimes C, mainly to The Co-Op bean buying. I've been getting ideas for the artwork that MIGHT be on the 7" single we MIGHT have out early next year. I'm well excited about this! I'd like us to record Royal Mail workers whistling and singing for our song 'Back From England'. Might go record them all together or individually walking down house driveways, i'm not sure yet? When i saw them all on the news striking i thought PERFECT! Great timing, it's meant to be. We recently just bought a digital recorder thingy so there's no excuse not to do this. Another idea for the song is to record around Southmead in Bristol. The place was seen on 'Panorama' last week. Some terrible terrible people have been saying some nasty things, i'd like to drive past in a car (with the doors locked) and ask them a question. We might go see Gareth's team Southampton play Bristol Rovers soon, if we do we'll record there too. He also wants us to record in Clevedon to capture the sound of waves. I'm gonna push him in the sea! tee hee! We've also been talking to our French friend Francois about playing a fun instrument on the track. Lyrics seem to come easy when on the move, but im a safe driver so i repeat them in my head til i STOP!!

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