Friday, 16 October 2009

DEAR DIARY (Oct Part 1)

A bit of a round-up of recent ramblings squashed together..

Dear Diary,


'Back From England' lyrics..a snippet - "let's all queue for the view, see who swamp thing's gonna screw, lord henry hoover suck it up, then u go screw it up!". & . "hi i'm Woody Guthrie, this is insect killing to the max". i feel like Sigourney Weaver at the end of Aliens. "back to life, back to reality!" we have been asked to do a remix and a track for a comic book soundtrack..yes! . we'll be playing at Oxjam festival (Bristol) in Oct. We dont like to mention our charity work normally of course. SODA POP! YISO themes.. . .
someone poisoned SEAWEED!! If i ever find them im going crack an egg on their head! its a damn shame! 'The Elastic Waste Band' first demo done. sounding good. sounds like we're in a swamp at the start. TOXIC! oh boy! this comic book song is really taking shape. "strike back and forth" . Hey! we are playing at the Oxjam Takeover on 25th Oct at StartThusBus at 3.30pm. "anything, anything with Dustin in it!" .


OLO Worms

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