Thursday, 18 June 2009


Below is the new OLO Radio advert (no.6) to see the other 5 adverts CLICK HERE.

Yes it's true, after months away (last OLO podcast was in January!!? That's embarrassing!) OLO Radio will be making a comeback very soon!! We have a new theme tune, jingles and we've got a few guest mixes lined up too.

We have history. The station has be running since 2005 when we used to produce live shows. In Oct 2006 we produced our first podcast. We've been going (pretty regularly) since then.

To wet your appetite let us just remind you what OLO Radio sounds like. If you've never listened before, a good place to start would be the series of 'Under The Influence' podcasts we made back this time last year..

CLICK HERE to view / listen / download the OLO Radio 'Under The Influence' podcast series.

CLICK HERE to visit the OLO Radio website and view / listen / download any of the podcasts from the past.

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