Thursday, 11 June 2009



The Cooler, Bristol
Supporting The Phantom Band / with Ouija Birds.

HJ writes >

This was to be our last gig for some time. In some of the OLO minds the gig was already over before it had begun. I enjoyed our set, i felt looser (strange considering i had big clunky dessert boots on?) and rather cheeky!! We played pretty much the same set as we have the last few gigs but with an added intro which at the moment is called 'Paths'. Not much more to say really. Bit of a poor turn out, wrong venue for it i guess. Wrong time too coming just off the back of the Homegame and feeling like that was the end of the series, series 2 btw (as i pointed out on stage). This was the official end of series 2.

I'm a fan of The Phantom Band so i enjoyed them..can't say the same for the other band (sorry).

The Setlist (colours mean)
New song (not been played live before)
New song (not been recorded)
Old re-jigged song

Don't Touch Baby
Are You Girl
The Elastic Waist Band
Flipper (My Cuckoo Crisis)
Tortoise Shell
The Barber Shop
Sphinx (with extended ending)

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