Monday, 12 May 2008


Less than a month now til Venn Festival! The full line up and stage times have been announced now, here's how it looks for us..


Pausal (1.15PM)
BOP (2.15PM)
Fungus Moth (3.15PM)
John Fairhurst (4.15PM)
Corey Orbinson (5.15PM)
Koen Holtkamp (6.15PM)
Simon Whetham (7.17PM)
OLO Worms (8.15PM)

For some weird reason we are on last..isn't that called headlining!? Aaargh! We aren't too familar with the others that are on this bill but we're really pleased we don't clash with our faves (Why?, Fuck Buttons, Afrikan Boy, Skeletons.., Matmos, Munch Munch).

Get your tickets to come see us play HERE.

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