Thursday, 15 May 2008


Now this IS news!! Suzi from Bristol band You & The Atom Bomb had a dream about us last night. She posted it on a forum..

"I had a dream last night i was onstage performing with olo worms, and i was worried that my skirt was too short so kept having to stand with my back against the back wall of the stage, but the gig went well, particularly when i pretended with james that his chip that he was eating was a guero by making a noise like a guero with a yoyo. weird. it was in a large seated hall and we were all standing around 2 tables pushed together covered in synths, but crispy seaweed was annoyed cos i kept changing the sound on his synth! but the yoyo saved the day and put me back in his good books!"

- Suzi (You & The Atom Bomb)

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