Tuesday, 29 April 2008



The Thekla, Bristol

Errrm..it was ok, just ok. We had some (alot) of sound problems and no way of sorting them out. Playing on the deck below us was a drum workshop..that helped. It was pretty dead but..meh! i'll stop moaning now. On the up side we had some new songs which we tried out for the first time and unfinished bits n' bobs, re-jigged old songs, and 2 covers. Our setlist looked like this..

Are You Girl
Fuzzy / Sphinx
Don't Touch Baby
Guess Who Garden
Bycycle Rider (Beach Boys cover)
Barber Shop
Tortoise Shell
What's The Ugliest Part Of Your Body? (Frank Zappa cover)

We DJ'd for a few hours playing stuff that's influenced us in some way. Instead of posting a list of the things we played we have made/still making podcasts of all the tracks and some more extra ones (making up about 2% of all our influences..can't have anymore otherwise the podcasts would end up being rather long). Expect the podcasts very soon.

See ALL the photos over at OLO EXTRA. **New photos added**

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