Wednesday, 23 April 2008


Lies with this boy..
Yes so it's the bad blogger Boonbeans here. Thought i would just stop by and say i have been very bad and not kept you up to date with all the OLO news/videos/photos/etc. The others seem to trust me with keeping this thing tickin' along and i have let them down, you down, and most importantly...i've let myself down. I have quit my job now so i have no money...i mean no reason to not make more things and post more. We've been quite busy with getting our stuff together for the recent live gigs so that also explains the lack of new songs, radio podcasts, doodles, etc. We only have 2 gigs booked up in may, one in june (we'll post about those soon) so we'll be trying to make some new sounds over the next few months. Thanks to those people who came to Sunday's gig. You'll be flooded with OLO goo at the weekend. Yes i do realise that i could have probably posted something interesting in the time it's taken me to type this.

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