Saturday, 16 June 2007

LLAMA FESTIVAL 2007 (That Was That)

Yeah so last weekend we played our first proper gig at The Lynton & Lynmouth Festival (LLAMA), North Devon. The venue was a little train station called Woody Bay which was actually a model train set enlarged 100 times just for the festival. Instead of playing on the little stage which had be set up, we decided to keep it real and give it to the people on their level (nothing to do with nerves or lack of equipment). We set up the OLO chalk board and balloons. The heaving crowd was packed full of old men, tea drinkers, over excited relatives, and little kids with animal facepaint on. Boonbeans warmed the fans up with a bit of Cyndi Lauper just before we began. The next 30 minutes were probably the greatest 30 minutes in rock 'n roll history!!

Of course not! You could say we were..erm..rather..shambolic. It was like a primary school play..nervous kids with no scripts. The balloons which wrapped themselves round our faces while singing didn't help..nor did the constant stream of toasted teacakes which were being served up to the audience. The highlight of the set was without doubt the first ever OAP stage invasion! He loved us! although he did ask when it was all going to end. He took a very keen interest in our American football tops and promised to send us photos of the performance. This chat all happened mid set, no one else mattered, we were playing just for him as far as he was concerned. Anyway, first gig over, will there be more? will we get better? Come and find out next time (24th December, Bristol Zoo, penguin pool).

The rest of the weekend was spent dashing around the place on the cider 'n chips, eating band rider's, and playing sunny music for the good LLAMA people. We also did a bit of busking on the Sunday and entered the busking competition..only to pull out minutes before the winners were annouched. Turns out they actually liked us and had us done for 2nd place and we would have won an ice cream or something. Safetyword were amazing as always, we very much enjoyed Gruff Rhys and a few others. ROGER BEAUJOLAIS! what can you say!?

Below is the programme..

Below is the set list. As well as playing songs from 'Bare Foot' and 'The Bumble Bee EP' we also played two covers..Frank Zappa's 'What's The Ugliest Part Of Your Body?' & Michael Jackson's 'Earth Song'.

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