Tuesday, 27 November 2007

INFORMATIVE, BUT FUN! (Seaweed's Christmas Wish)

Seaweed's response when asked what kind of present he would like for Christmas. This is GOLD!..

"Right, something that really annoys me is that dinosuars are only ever marketed to children. I'm still intrested!! I've seen thick dusty books about the different type of dinosaur virtebrae and which dinosuars had feathers and all that really detailed stuff that I WOULD find interesting, but havn't really got the time to read something that intense. So a middle ground between a game / book / dvd /toy that is well made and colourful, but aimed for over 14 year olds! Something that would be informative, but fun! Maybe i should just make one, then head to the dragons den! - i'm out.

I'm gonna sound really stupid now, because i would actually like a couple more of these toys I found (and bought) in Toy r us called DINO MAGIC!! They're small dinosaur toys that are in an egg (which is really a bath bomb). You unwrap it and dunk it in warm water where it. . . arrghhieee!!! HA!!"



Seaweed said...



Dont act like you dont want one!

Boonbeans said...

best blog ever!

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