Tuesday, 23 October 2007


"MEETING THE MUSOS!"..we love/hate that guy.

If you missed us dorks on the BBC Bristol show Fine Tuned at the weekend (as you would have done even if you had tuned in live..they decided not to play it..they had a chat about the rugby and some interesting M People lyrics instead) anyway..you can now listen to the interview again by going HERE and clicking on either 'OLO Worms interview' or 'Fine Tuned 20 Oct'. If your computer does'nt like realplayer you can download the mp3s below. The FT show has about 2 minutes of the interview with some of our music and presenter chat where as the interview mp3 is about 6 minutes of us talking jibba jabba. By the way Delifinger and Boonbeans don't have the other 2 gagged..there were only 2 mics...although Lionheart does manage to shout one line "he only makes tea for the guests!". The BBC won't let us have the full interview as it was too explosive!! (we mentioned Babs Winsor's baps).

Here's the written intro they wrote..

"Olo Worms are as much a brand as they are a band. As well as having an album, Barefoot, out on Fence Records, they also produce Olo Radio podcasts, Olo TV and are beginning Olo Weddings (DJing) and Olo Fashion (caps and T-shirts) - and are dreaming of Carry On Olo and Olo on Ice. Olo Worms are Mark Hankins, or Seaweed, James Hankins or Boonbeans, Matt Lacey or Delifinger and Gareth Jones or Lionheart. They don't play live very often, but it doesn't take long to track them down online - they're all over the internet."

Ha! "THEY'RE ALL OVER THE INTERNET" That sounds awful!!

THE MP3s..

> The Interview
> Fine Tuned show (20 Oct)

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