Saturday, 20 October 2007


Radio Ga Ga!! Individual updates..

Seaweed has started working part time at a unnamed Bristol radio station. One of his first jobs was to write a review for the new Gabrielle album! He tells me he wanted to write that she's had a patchy career..BOOM BOOM! He cut and sorry..wrote "Britian's premiere pop-soul diva is back to her brilliant best!"

Delifinger has been celeb spotting. He emailed us yesterday..
"the celeb spots are getting worse. 2 goons from westlife are stood in the corner of the newsroom now. Ill ask them if they will do us a podcast. they are a bit fat."

Lionheart is back where he belongs..Southampton. He's on his hols before he takes over the Queen Vic.

Boonbeans is gonna be on the radio TWICE in one day!! ha! ridicous! He's reading the book photographed above in preparation for this morning's LIVE chat. He's helping to promote tomorrow's kids show at the Cube cinema. You can listen live at 9am HERE. Remember you can also listen to our Fine Tuned interview today from around 11.45am (you the same link).

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