Saturday, 16 June 2007


Man and his motor..

Why baby?..

Busking for crackers..

Ross Kemp!!..

Roger Beaujolais chills out after his wonderful performance on the main stage..

Who is he??..

A fine selection treats in the local shop..

Dogs roamed the streets. our mate lost his sausage to a pooch. this one ate our unwanted tuna..

Kaaabooboo!! he arrived very late Sunday night and was in mischievous mood. he tiptoed round the sleeping tents with a box of cider, can of deodorant and a roll of gaffa tape. to a sleepy camper dripping cider sounds like wee wee, deodorant spray sounds like flames of fire, and stretched gaffa tape sounds like the tent is being torn apart by a murderous hook-handed madman! while Kaabooboo was on the ground in fits of giggles, the angry campers took revenge!..

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