Sunday, 31 December 2006

OLO RADIO - BB09 / BB10 - BB'S BEST OF 2006 / NOT A PENNY IN MY POCKET - 22/12/06

It's that time of year again. over the last few days i've been sat round a large dinner table with Louis Walsh, Pete Waterman, Dr Fox, Kate Thornton, JK & Joel, and all my other bigwig industry friends discussing our favourite tracks of 2006. only one man survived. taken from his top 50 list, this is a mix including 20 of his favourite tracks of 2006. i didn't want to play the same people twice, so i've had to reach outside the top 20.

to see my full top 50 run down

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It's the last day of 2006 and before i see in the new year at the working men's club i decided it was time to wash my Olo action slacks. i emptyed the pockets of all the snot rags, clumps of hair, puzzles, rusty keys and stray songs that had been in there all year. i took these and jumbled them up with some shiny brand new tunes from the future shell-suit pocket.

who need money when you have magic pod cast eh?

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