Thursday, 14 December 2006


Thank the lord it's over! wooo! yes, on tuesday night at Mr Wolf's Noodle Bar.. Olo Worms actually performed live in public, in front of a paying baying crowd for the first time. ok it was only one of our christmas songs (with a bit of the other stuck on the end) in front of a mob of mainly friends who were forced to attend and cheer, but the job was done..and well done my boys! it's strange to think back to when we drunkenly said we would try and make music one day..i thought it would never happen (is it music?). at this point i must say that i didn't grace the stage. i don't do that. maybe i will one day in the future when playing a plate of spicy food is cutting edge. i was hiding behind a wall of white sport socks, peeking through the green and red xmas netting that Lionheart and i had artistically chucked over a wilko's washing line for me to hide from all the groupies. think of me as the Alex Ferguson of the band..a red faced control freak. back to the fab 3..yes there were nerves, pants were soiled, mistakes were made, but they got through it. we'll get better, practice more, build up a 30 minute set of boyz2men covers and advert jingles and tour weston-super-mare living like kings out on a double decker boat eating seagulls and chips. Seaweed had noodles this particular night.

The whole night was organised by the fantastic You & The Atom Bomb . with Safetyword, Rachael Dadd, Rozi Plain, and the Olo Worms supporting them on the bill it was always gonna be a wonderful night..hmm yeah cock-a-doodle-do pop pickers! in fact it was almost the same bill as our Mother Olo night back in may. i was on djing duties..i actually enjoyed it for a change, mainly because i was hidden away from all the peasants and couldn't see the rest of the bar. my highlights were playing 'West End Girls' and 'I'm Coming Out' as the rest of the Olo boys set themselves up to perform. i thought it was funny, i don't think they enjoyed my plastered mug (ah! get it? no? see below then) laughing at them just before their big moment. my christmas hits included The Chipmunks, Low, & Sir Cliff..oh yeah! i had an liddle accident but you don't need to know the details.

'Shepherd's Deelite' the christmas compilation cd (featuring loads of Bristol bands / singers xmas songs..including ours) sold out. however i understand more are being made if you want one. we included our christmas cd in our Olo christmas stockings which dissapeared super quick! i can only imagine the crushing disappointment of the little pop fans once they had emptyed those stockings. other than the cd, the stockings were filled with..tea bags, satsumas, dust, tiny chocs, old photos of my bosses, bloody cotton buds (not real blood), ear warmers, golf balls, diarrhea cures, prunes, and a load of other tat i found in my room. sorry if you are reading this and you grabbed one thinking something of worth would be included. it was a horrible trick to play on you lovely people, especially as you've all done soo much for me. ha!

Most of the bands wore some kinda fancy dress. we were debating between sea creatures and injured bodies for a while..a shark eating a man? one day. blood is thicker than (sea) water so we went with injuries. in the end we kinda looked like doctors from space who had been attacked by aliens. Lionheart sported an eye patch, head bandage, and a guitar made from a cow that i made. Delifinger had a black eye and cape. Seaweed and i made our body suits from old car seats. he covered a REAL spot with a plaster..genius! i found my winklepickers on a doorstep of a house party in London a few months ago. i'm guessing they were Pete Doherty' i doomed to a life of poetry and drugs now? i was banned by the others from having my frozen baby turkey straped to my back which i really wanted..REALLY wanted! it would have been a grrreat look! instead i had a chicken pasta pack, a kinder surprize, and beers in my first aid bag. vital! Atom Bomb rocked a great selection of red and white Santa sportwear. for me Safetyword stole the show in their costumes. i still don't really get what they were? am i being thick? looked very funny though. their christmas song 'Merry Placentamus' is bonkers! (sorry no other word would do). everyone's set's were ace as usual..i never get bored of these guys. i think there is going to be videos of some of the performances, i'll post any if they pop up. shhh..there is actually a video out there somewhere on the web of the Olo song. find it if you really want to..just remember we are tiny nervous plankton. to sum up, we simply had a wonderful christmas time. here are the photo's..

pre-match build up
the Olo Xmas cd..

early doors
my winklepickers..


liddle stage and wall of stockings..

Olo Worms on stage for the first time ever! shakey broken bones and cow guitar!..


Rachael Dadd & Rozi Plain..

You & The Atom Bomb..

the end..

although we didn't get that many good one's..thanks to Jimtendo, Delifinger, Lionheart & Seaweed for all the photos. the wet joggers are in the wash now. black joggers saved my skin.

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