Monday, 22 November 2010


JH writes..


Woke up very groggy from the night before (the Gold Panda gig). Ate pizza & cookie at Sunnyside and then livened up after hearing the Spurs winner go in to beat Arsenal. We spent most of the day cutting up Ichi’s steel drums. Ichi is a brilliant Japanese musician who recorded some steel drums for us a few months ago. It’s only now we’re getting round to sorting them out for the track they’re gonna go on. The song ‘Are You Girl?’ (as its called at the moment, although i want to change it) is really sounding weird…good weird!! It sounds Egyptian & Japanese at the same time, sounds like a new language. and includes the lyrics ‘not a fuddy duddy’ and ‘s*** on a shark’. Ate 2 dinners. Massively regretted it later. Watched X-Factor, the DRAMA! Loved Wagner’s reply to Cheryl. I want a spin-off sitcom with Wagner and Louis. Fell asleep during Match Of The Day just like the good old days.

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