Friday, 17 September 2010


Last Wednesday we aired 'Moleskin Mountain Boots' on JH's new audio/visual show Hooops . 'MMB' is kind of like a mixtape, a collection of demos and sounds we have been working on (for quite some time now). It was mixed together by JH. These demos and sounds are currently being recorded by us. These mixes and the video of the Hooops show won't be uploaded or played again. If you missed it, sorry. Maybe one day in the distant future they'll turn up?

While it was being broadcast JH was being streamed live - painting the artwork for the 'mixtape' (above), typing the tracklist (below), projecting different backdrops, cutting between different images, pretending to be a duck, and generally bumming around. There was a slight problem early on when his computer crashed (probably due to his face being on the screen) but we overcame that hiccup and the rest of the show went well. There are a load of photos, screengrabs and live chat from the show below. Keep your eye out for future Hooop shows!

Hardsparrow blogged about it all HERE & HERE. Henners blogged about it HERE.

'Moleskin Mountain Boots' Part 1 tracklist..

Photos and screengrabs..

Live chat from the show..

9:09 Hooops_TV: YEAH, Im just gonna have the music and the webcam. im not using PRO ustream, im basic, im basic. i turned off photoshop too. i'll manually write down track names.
9:09 Hardsparrow: This bit is like the klf's Space album
9:09 Hardsparrow: give the klf back their Space album
9:09 yourfarmer: one small step for James, one giant leap for mankind...
9:09 crocodileyears: HA
9:11 Hooops_TV: ha
9:11 delifinger: is this us? I don't remember this?
9:11 Hooops_TV: 'pin a badge' - this is marks baby! its the best thing i think!
9:11 Nooshmoo: I've still got a picture of spaghetti hoops and some woozy music is this normal?
9:11 delifinger: oh yeah I remember
9:11 Hardsparrow: it's nice.. clouddeady
9:12 yourfarmer: is that an mbv sample?
9:12 Hooops_TV: mark, still copy text pls.
9:12 crocodileyears: no
9:12 Nooshmoo: I was thinking about putting some clouddead on the other day didn't happen though
9:12 yourfarmer: sorry
9:12 crocodileyears: its a sample of my dog
9:13 crocodileyears: with a bit of time mapping...
9:13 fakeblues: my washing machine going through a spin cycle while this is on - I'm not mucking about when I say that it quite suits it
9:14 Hooops_TV: a very slow shark
9:14 Hardsparrow: "dream places yet undreamt"
9:14 yourfarmer: the sound seems sorted... good work crew
9:16 delifinger: ants again?
9:17 fakeblues: it's kind of grown on me now, that ticking
9:18 Nooshmoo: leave the can alone
9:18 delifinger: fruit and fibre
9:18 delifinger: jiff lemon
9:18 fakeblues: that's Asda price
9:19 yourfarmer: What's an Induction Generator?
9:23 fakeblues: I too am enjoying the duck dancing
9:24 crocodileyears: its quacking me up
9:24 yourfarmer: I preferred it when it was all going wrong
9:25 yourfarmer: "Yeah, it was really cool before they sorted themselves out"
9:25 fakeblues: what's this one called? I remember it from the other night - it's great
9:25 delifinger: sleep is my dessert - I think
9:26 yourfarmer: Good effort, duck
9:26 Nooshmoo: yes that duck should have a lie down now
9:27 delifinger: turkey crown
9:27 golojones: it's basically had all the bones taken out
9:28 Nooshmoo: I had one not last christmas or the christmas before that but the one before that.
9:29 crocodileyears: here's Grandad
9:35 Nooshmoo: Is that Hammer?
9:36 stephenhello: yo.
9:36 thebot75: Word.
9:36 Nooshmoo: My teeth are funny from that coconut
9:37 thebot75: Is it not from the acid?
9:37 Hardsparrow: I like this bit
9:38 Hardsparrow: What's he doing to that painting?
9:38 crocodileyears: answer an earlier question.. these are demo recordings and early drafts
9:40 stephenhello: I'm going to watch the hound of the baskervilles after this. Or Zulu.
9:40 Hooops_TV: big brother ending of this bit
9:40 Hardsparrow: It could live again
9:40 Hooops_TV: quotes from BB
9:40 Hooops_TV: we did live
9:40 yourfarmer: we could have Hardsparrow and OLO Worms on the bill
9:40 Hardsparrow: Hardsparrow is quite hot right now
9:40 Nooshmoo: I'm watching Iron man2 TIME FOR WINE
9:42 stephenhello: are moleskin mountain boots water proof?
9:42 stephenhello: Is that Miranda?
9:42 crocodileyears: wow thats like, live!
9:43 Hardsparrow: I really need a drink
9:44 Hardsparrow: Tea, beer, anything
9:44 Hardsparrow: Is it Weird Al?
9:44 crocodileyears: hahaha yeah its wierd Al!! i just thought that too
9:44 crocodileyears: Weird Al even
9:44 stephenhello: I have 3 bottles of whisky and a bottle of vodka in my hotel room if that helps.
9:46 stephenhello: The Bit of STrange whisky YAY!
9:47 thebot75: You should call it 'Disney or maybe disnae'.
9:47 fakeblues: stephen: pretty good, that whisky, isn't it! I had mine about a month ago
9:47 crocodileyears: you look like Sammy Pepper
9:48 yourfarmer: thebot - I have a Scottish friend who works for Disney, and she told me once that 'it disnae matter'.. still makes me laugh
9:48 crocodileyears: leave it at 2 large glasses of wine or go for a 3rd?
9:48 crocodileyears: haha
9:49 crocodileyears: i'm keen on 'Disnae'
9:54 golojones: ha! croco!
9:54 Hardsparrow: My flatmates might think it's a bit weird that i've gone out to get booze to drink by myself tho
9:55 stephenhello: Nothing wrong with drinking on your own.
9:55 stephenhello: Nothing at all.
9:55 thebot75: Just hide it in your jacket.
9:55 Hardsparrow: No, but they'll think I'm mental if I tell them about you lot..
9:55 thebot75: And close your door.
9:56 crocodileyears: oh yeah, 'now's your chance' *curses!*
9:56 fakeblues: hide the booze in a rolled-up jazz mag
9:56 crocodileyears: hide the jazz mag in a rolled up copy of the daily mail
9:56 crocodileyears: hide the daily mail in a copy of nuts
9:56 thebot75: Or Guns & Ammo. Or Womens Own.
9:57 crocodileyears: i think i might finish this bottle of merlot
9:57 fakeblues: She's On My Corpse - this one's sounding well good
9:57 golojones: la de da
10:09 Hardsparrow: Kronenbourg - CHECK. Twirl - CHECK.
10:09 Hooops_TV: sorry bout the handwriting, i was filling til the camra was ready.
10:10 crocodileyears: twirl?!?! WTF?
10:10 Hooops_TV: i'll finish this 'mixtape' artwork now
10:10 fakeblues: a twirl! Ace!
10:10 yourfarmer: Is Hoops on his own?
10:10 Hardsparrow: Oh , sorry.. didn't we talk about that?
10:10 pictishtrail: hollllaaa
10:10 Hooops_TV: heeey PICTISJ
10:10 Hardsparrow: OH gaaawd
10:10 yourfarmer: Haha
10:10 delifinger: trail!
10:10 Hardsparrow: Here comes trouble
10:10 pictishtrail: s'up homies
10:10 pictishtrail: i'm am feeling WEIRD
10:10 crocodileyears: You're late
10:10 fakeblues: Oh My God, I've just remembered I've got one of those big Kit Kats in the cupboard
10:11 delifinger: chunky?
10:11 pictishtrail: neuuutral zo-hooones
10:12 Hardsparrow: I headbutted a wall
10:12 Hooops_TV: this is when i tried to get the royal mail to whistle to our song - for the single Back From England
10:12 fakeblues: I seem to have lost sound
10:12 Hardsparrow: OH ! I thought I ate all my Twirl. You know when you eat it too fast. But there's a whole stick left
10:14 crocodileyears: i hate this voice
10:14 pictishtrail: is this james singing?
10:14 golojones: consolayla
10:14 Hardsparrow: Sounds Welsh
10:15 pictishtrail: jack johnson!
10:15 pictishtrail: haha
10:15 twotier: It's Mr Kipling
10:21 pictishtrail: buuuuum
10:21 stephenhello: The internet's not as good as it used to be in 1998.
10:21 crocodileyears: haha
10:21 Hardsparrow: Er...
10:21 delifinger: boobs
10:21 pictishtrail: hey anyone rmember jeepster chat?
10:21 Hardsparrow: Deja poo
10:22 delifinger: james they want to see your bum
10:22 Hardsparrow: Anyone's bum, really
10:22 Hardsparrow: Just a bum
10:22 stephenhello: One can and you want bum
10:22 crocodileyears: BUM BUM BUMBUM!!
10:22 pictishtrail: was that bum?!
10:22 Hardsparrow: Oh god, I thought he was going to do it then
10:22 crocodileyears: That was bad bum
10:22 pictishtrail: haha
10:23 pictishtrail: NOOOOO
10:23 crocodileyears: TOO LOW!!
10:23 clivecheese: theres no such thing as bad bum
10:23 pictishtrail: i'm loving this mix guys. you should do this EVERY DAY.
10:23 crocodileyears: this is what you bought thte webcam for JAMES!!! now's your chance!!!
10:28 Hardsparrow: James is going to the final!
10:28 pictishtrail: really?
10:28 stephenhello: Is it tonight?
10:28 clivecheese: if james isn't watching big brother does it still make a soound ?
10:28 Hardsparrow: And I'm going to win £10000 to do with sausages
10:29 thebot75: Sausage fighting?
10:29 Hardsparrow: Celebrity cook off with Mr. Motivator
10:33 Nooshmoo: This is all vey good. 9.48 - 10.30? goddam work!
10:33 delifinger: what a loon
10:33 Nooshmoo: Who is sammy pepper I have to know now
10:33 stephenhello: Naomi Camp
10:33 stephenhello: Naomi Campbell hasn't heard of Liberia
10:33 yourfarmer: Yes. And the light show on Canary Wharf with Kiss 100..
10:33 crocodileyears: he was in Big Brother about a month ago, when it was good.
10:34 twotier: I want a Hooops badge!
10:34 fakeblues: ooh nice
10:34 clivecheese: Hoops badges - £5
10:35 fakeblues: this one is v.sweet
10:35 Hardsparrow: Don't stop - Is till have three cans left
10:35 Hardsparrow: The twirl has all gone though
10:41 pictishtrail: i'm still here ... but doing some cooking
10:41 Hardsparrow: Cook that up
10:41 crocodileyears: cooking up some bum?
10:41 Hardsparrow: bum-mange
10:41 thebot75: Yeah, good job OLOs.
10:41 stephenhello: Is it over? Wait. WAIT!
10:41 pictishtrail: beans on toast with some cheese
10:42 crocodileyears: not over yet
10:42 pictishtrail: i'm still hearing music - it's not over
10:42 delifinger: beans and toast with some cheese IN A PIE
10:42 yourfarmer: I love you all. A lot. By the way.
10:42 stephenhello: ah, the gorlkeepers.
10:48 pictishtrail: this is scandalous
10:48 Hardsparrow: It's an interesting new theory
10:48 yourfarmer: The wheel keeps spinning...
10:48 pictishtrail: this has been a great mix, lads
10:48 fakeblues: I've really enjoyed this, by the way. It's sounding great - nice work olos! And cheers to pidge for putting it together, and the painting and visuals. And now I'm off. Night night! xxxxx
10:48 Hardsparrow: What?
10:48 pictishtrail: what i've heard of it
10:48 Hardsparrow: Oh, yes
10:48 golojones: thanks for listening everyone.
10:48 crocodileyears: Itchi! My man
10:49 Hardsparrow: ICHI!!!
10:49 golojones: nighty night.
10:49 twotier: This has been really good, More more!
10:49 stephenhello: Was that the TUFF JAMES!!!
10:49 Hardsparrow: More!
10:49 Hardsparrow: Ha ha.. didn't hear about that..
10:49 pictishtrail: OLO'S RUUULE
10:49 golojones: one day there'll be a recording.
10:49 Nooshmoo: I'm off now putting a film on. Bravo. everynight would be nice. sort it out
10:50 crocodileyears: one day....
10:50 golojones: one day. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
10:50 twotier: BOO The End.
10:50 yourfarmer: Now.. get the off my laaaaaaaaaaaand.
10:50 pictishtrail: *MASSIVE APPLAUSE*
10:50 Hooops_TV: the end
10:50 delifinger: goodnight chaps
10:50 stephenhello: Och, i do that all the time. I pretend i'm drunk.
10:50 Hardsparrow: Indeed!
10:50 Hooops_TV: wish i was driunk
10:50 stephenhello: Oh, is it over?
10:51 Hardsparrow: I think so.
10:51 Hooops_TV: u had 2hrs!!!
10:51 delifinger: tune in for part 3 tomorrow. Only joking
10:52 delifinger: open up
10:52 Hardsparrow: It's been fun. Maybe this is the future. Rich didn't like it
10:52 stephenhello: Who's winning big brother?
10:52 Hardsparrow: God knows.
10:53 Hardsparrow: That guy with tourette's was the best
10:53 delifinger: stephen hawkins knows]
10:53 Hooops_TV: i'll stick on some tunes for 30mins while i clean up
10:53 Hardsparrow: But don't think he's on it
10:53 Hardsparrow: Still says 11 in..
10:53 stephenhello: It's 2 in the morning for me.
10:53 Hardsparrow: Hmmmm..
10:53 Hardsparrow: Where are you stephen?
10:53 Hardsparrow: Where are you stephen?
10:53 stephenhello: Moscow.
10:53 Hardsparrow: Seriously?
10:53 Hardsparrow: Wowsers.
10:53 stephenhello: Yes.

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