Thursday, 27 May 2010


Here's the 'Back From England' Remix+ Bundle. That's the front and back cover above.

You can download it NOW by going to our website HERE.

The bundle contains the original version of the single which was released earlier in the year and 'The Elastic Waste Band (Low Fat Cut)' which was the other track on the 7". It also contains 7 remixes, live recordings from this years Homegame Festival, a radio mention, an OLO remix, all the artwork, and some OLO extras. Below is the tracklist..

1. Back From England
2. The Elastic Waste Band (Low Fat Cut)
3. Back From England (Martipants Remix)
4. Back From England (Portmanteau Remix)
5. Back From England (OnTheFly Remix)
6. Back From England (Delifinger Remix)
7. Back From England (Vexkiddy Remix)
8. Back From England (Baby Button Eyes Remix)
9. Back From England (Art Pedro Remix)
10. Back From England (Live At Homegame 2010)
11. Mini Acoustic Set (Live At Homegame 2010)
12. E.T Theme (Chosen By OLO Worms on BBC 6Music)
13. Flight Of The Navigator Theme - 'Toxic Waste Band' Tour Intro Music (OLO Remix)

Below is the rest of the artwork..

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