Wednesday, 9 September 2009


BB writes (on behalf of the others):

I Had myself a wonderful time at this year's Green Man Festival as you may have seen from my photos (over 3 weeks ago now - why am i always soo late with these reports?). Probably the most perfect festival i've ever been to in terms of music, weather, friends, atmosphere, & fun. I had myself some testing times due to the things i did to my body but i just about got over them to carry on. The toilets were pretty damn good!

My musical highlights were..

Grizzly Bear
Gang Gang Dance
Animal Collective
Bon Iver
The Three Craws / Pictish Trail / Rozi Plain
The Aliens
British Sea Power
The Phantom Band
Beach House

I missed quite a bit. Friends + sun + booze = fun & confusion.

Us OLO Worms were given free tickets in exchange for playing some music inbetween the Fence acts. DEAL! Although no one told us we'd actually be ON the stage! At the front of the stage! With a whole tent watching the 3 of us (SW had to pull out) awkwardly standing there watching The Three Craws set up their gear while queuing up the next track. It may not have looked it but we loved it!

Below are the tracks that made up our DJ set (maybe not in the right order)..

(BB's mini mix..
Clouddead - No.5 (1)
Flight Of The Navigator Theme
KLF - Dream Time In Lake Jackson
Kraftwerk - Uranium
Boards Of Canada - The Color Of The Fire
Aidan Moffat - International Valentine
James Holden - Lumpette)

Paul Simon - Me And Julio Down By The School Yard
Animal Collective - Who Could Win A Rabbit
Pavement - Cut Your Hair
Big Cherry - Come In Bonzo

(DF's mini mix - tracklist unknown)

Van Dyke Parks - Sweet Trinidad
T.Rex - Jewel
Ronnetes - Be My Baby
The Zombies - Friends Of Mine
The Kinks - Who'll Be The Next In Line
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci - Poodle Rockin'
Can - Spoon
Fever Ray - When I Grow Up (Remix)
Black Beauty Theme

Queen - I Want To Break Free
King Biscuit Time - I Walk The Earth
Ice Cube - It Was A Good Day

(the rest can't be recalled)

Due to it being a few weeks ago i won't write any more as i can't remember much stuff now.

Here are the links to the photos and video..


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