Wednesday, 5 August 2009


OLO Worms present..

Gorlkeepers 'Gorlkeepers EP'

(3 different front covers and the back above)


"Just before the kitchen wall came down, Lionheart and Delifinger from OLO Worms recorded this EP. We wanted to hear the sound of gardening in our football kits. Or lying on the grass after being kicked in the air and staring at a cloudless sky. Or planting seeds that don't grow up or down. It features the Rhos Orpheus Male Voice Choir and programmed beats. We borrowed a piano. We bought a harmonium. We hope you enjoy it"

Fence Records:

"The debut EP from Gorlkeepers, a splinter group of Bristol's OLO Worms, is a 25 minute journey of hushed-electronic psych. Previously only available at HomeGame 2009, we have limited copies in the Fence online shop - and each copy comes with three different covers."

Gorlkeepers 'Gorlkeepers EP'

1. We Are
2. Not Quite Over Yet
3. Clip Your Wings
4. To Rust

(Released: 5 August 2009)

You can BUY the EP (through the Fence webshop) HERE.

You can LISTEN to some of the EP HERE.

Below is the video for 'Clip Your Wings'
Video produced by Gorlkeepers with help from Heinz Junkins. Filmed and edited at The Dolls House, Bristol. July 2009.

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