Saturday, 9 May 2009


* OLO Worms 'Germs Stand Up' - Acoustic on the Monday night.

* OLO Worms 'What's The Ugliest Part Of Your Body?' (Frank Zappa cover) - Acoustic on the Monday night.

* Boonbeans 'A Milli' (Lil' Wayne cover..that didn't really work out) - on the Monday night.

* Homegame review (including a review of us below) on Bhone website..

"Then across the road for an PROPERLY original set from Bristol's OLO Worms at Legends - I imagine "the" nightclub in Anst'er! Really, really original - I can't be more unoriginal in emphasising the originality of their tunes and accompanying projected film - find them out and make them perform for you." - Bhone



* BBC's full Homegame coverage (including..)

- King Creosote on the making of The Beta Band's 'Inner Meet Me' video (maybe my favourite ever video!)

* Products of a Gaseous Brain Blog - HG6 video diary (includes a few seconds of us in the middle)..

* Gummi Bako - live @ HG6

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