Friday, 20 June 2008


Below is a review of our set at Venn Festival. We came across it on the Bristol Choke Forum. We don't know who wrote it (it wasn't us), what we do know is that it's a little better than our only other live review written by Zapsta.

"OLO Worms – never has quite so much nervous anticipation been witnessed from a band about to take stage. In fact they are on stage, but such is the proximity of the eager culture vultures to the band, the OLOs were quite literally backing off before they got their coo-ing, rustling harmonies into shape."

"Crouched over banks of wires and knobs – each twitch and utterance unleashes another layer of sound. From such a shaky start, the OLO sound stirs and then sweeps you away. We are prey, carried off by carrion. A rare sighting of accidental genius, amongst the teeming hordes of genuine ‘artistes’ amassed by Venn."

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