Thursday, 21 February 2008


OK! Before we move on with the new stuff, we'd like to give out the last 5 copies of our first mini album 'Bare Foot' and 'Holes' the bonus disc that comes with it when you order it through us. So, the last 5 (painted and numbered) copies will be SPECIAL PINEAPPLE EDITIONS! They will come with (as did all the others) OLO action figures, an OLO poster, a worm balloon, and a pineapple flavour. All for just £5.

You can order one of the last 5 special edition's HERE (click on 'buy regular album' won't be the regular version though). Just to let you know, we won't be making anymore of these painted/numbered cds once the last 5 have gone. There have only been 25 of these made. We may put them both up for download at a later date.

Here are the first 8 painted 'Bare Foot' albums that we sent out..


We havn't mentioned the bonus disc 'Holes' before. It was the secret prize we sent out when you ordered the handmade version of 'Bare Foot'. It's a collection of songs and instrumentals taken from 'The Bumblebee EP', 'Bare Foot' re-jigs and outtakes, Delifinger's download only tracks, & demos. Here's the tracklist..

1. Imagine We (BF Re-Jig)
2. R.I.P My Pet Wasp (Download)
3. Copybook (BB EP)
4. Flakes (BF Re-Jig)
5. Dragonland (Download)
6. Living Under The Mud (Demo)
7. Lighthouse (Demo)
8. If Only They Knew The Things We'd Do (BF Re-Jig)
9. Doom St-Steps (Demo)
10. The Third Hand (Demo)
11. Echo Sine (Demo)
12. I Know (BB EP)
13. Tortoise Shell (BF Re-Jig)
14. Dead Earth (Demo)
15. Heinz Bean Tin (BF Outtake)
16. The Dangers Of The Hip Flask (BF Outtake)

Here are the first 8 painted 'Holes' albums that we sent out..

Here are the first 12 posters that we sent out..

Here are the action figures and the worm balloon..

We had one happy German customer who took a photo of her action figures lost..

If you need any more persuading to buy, here's some reviews when it came out..

"The album drifts along with all the unquestioned sense of a surreal's a huge, slow-dawning success"- VENUE MAGAZINE

"Bare Foot always jumps back to surprize you with a sunrise, illuminating it's on way, travelling everywhere you want to go but always forgot to ask"

"This album is excellent!" - SJ ESAU

Thank god that's all over with.

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