Tuesday, 22 January 2008


1) A review of our 1st proper gig (last November)

"Decked out in aprons and thick-rimmed glasses and making liberal use of art-school projections, Olo Worms appear to be just as much a visual as a musical concept".



2) A Dutch website's little write up on OLO Radio

> CLICK HERE TO ATTEMPT TO READ or read the rough translation below that an OLO mum did (thanks mum!)..

"In our unremitting journey to all things Deerhoof, we came by chance to a podcast of John Dieterich, the guitarist of the nuts lunatic company from San Francisco. Dieterich takes you on a fantastic trip, but OLO Radio contains yet more gold gems.

Dieterich begins its mix with Fiery Furnaces and closes finished with Danielson, familiar names from the indie-scene, but among those he entices us always more deeply within in its musical universe, along modest pianostukjes of Béla Bartók and Erik Satie, jazzy ballads of Nedelle and The Curtains, raw acoustic punk of Cheval the Fresh and luizige drum 'n basses of Good For Cows.

Dieterich is one of the 'special guests' on OLO Radio, a radio blog of OLO Worms, a bunch weirdo's as their homepage and MySpace-profile show, but good weirdo's with good taste. You may name yourself a connoisseur, but you may know only half of the artists on the playlists by name, but OLO Radio the trouble overlords are not concerned about that. There is music there to be discovered."

) OLD Worms on ebay (great band!)


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