Sunday, 15 July 2007


On Saturday OLO Worms and Jimtendo headed off to Ashton court festival. As luck would have it, I had developed a hideous and painful infection on my toe. When I told the others I had a sceptic toe it soon got renamed mystic meg because it sounded 'a bit similar'.

Here is the Toe in all its glory........

This is us on our way to the production office to harrass Jenny into giving us backstage wristbands. 'Give us wristbands!' we said, and she delivered like a true lady.

Once that was sorted we went to see You & The Atom Bomb. By this time I was very dosed up and had had 4 ciders ontop............ I got a bit excited and all thoughts of toe were put aside while we bobbed along to Brians epic guitar riffs.

After the great Atom Bomb set, we went to see Robin Allender in the acoustic tent. After a sit down and the return of the throbbing oozing toe I started to feel a bit crap.

After some wedges with cheese sauce, the pills, cider and heat caused me to feel very dizzy and confused so I limped home (getting picked up in Bedmo) and stuck my foot straight in a bucket of hot salty water.

Get the full account of the festival from Boonbeans.........coming soon

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