Thursday, 8 February 2007


Lionheart spent the night sulking after he ruined his butternut squash dinner. he threw a strop then threw it in the bin. it was hilarious!! serves him right for eating such ridicous food. then he had a flake yogurt for dessert. he punished himself by doing all the washing-up and sending himself to bed early. i found this all very i wrong?


Anonymous said...

you are asking : what the hell is this camel-pumpkin? Well here are some of the many non-sporting or onomatapaic (try spelling that) answers to your q:

Don't leat it beat you, he's got a soft (and edible) skin really.

Bitteschoen, Busy wasting my time,

Anonymous said...

Yes, you are mean. If the Flake yoghurt wasn't enough to put a glimmer o' hope back in his heart, then you should have told him a joke, or something.
Always steer clear of doing the washing-up, though, you did right there.

Boonbeans said...

the most replies to any post on the olo news page! forget the music, the podcasts, the videos.. the fans want squash! this is BIG news!

Anonymous said...

You are a pop band? and 3 replies? too big for me now, it will be NME and brit awards soon.

Who will be your famous g/f?

Boonbeans said...

my famous g/f = woopi goldberg

Seaweed said...

Helen Mirren

My Queen

Lionheart said...

Gillian McKeith

she keeps me in check.

Enron said...

Gillian McKeith? Is that who's got you eating a butternut squash dinner?