Thursday, 9 November 2006


(Below L>R) Lionheart, Boonbeans, Delifinger

Saturday, Olo headquarters, very important meeting. Seaweed won't be there of course because of his panto joke! items on the agenda include..
-the christmas song
-the giant video
-the advent calendar backdrop
-the chicken costume
-the dust video
-the future of Olo Radio
-the belly button debate


Seaweed said...

I dont start panto until monday, so i might be able to make it.
I'm gonna be moving out of the flat/cave on saturday.

Boonbeans said...

monday!!?? bobby davro's getting there on sunday morning! and nasty nick bateman said he's picking u up sunday lunchtime. you better ring them and let them know..u know what they're like when they get angry.