Tuesday, 12 September 2006


This was a weird night
Jeff booked out the Louisiana for his birthday.
Safetyword, Countryside, Los Conios and Manic F all played mini sets upstairs so that Jeff could have a good old dance along. During Los Conios, Jeff joined the band on stage to dance and sing. On their penultimate song he undid his shirt and lowered his trousers to display his sweaty shiny torso and sweaty not shiny boxershorts. The night ended with Manic F - Jeffs own musical project. See the latter part of the video for an idea of what this was like, though you really had to be there.

Here is a video of safetyword performing their last song. You can just make out that Jeff keeps turning round whenever the door opened to see who was coming in. He said he was worried about not breaking even for the £160 the booking had cost him. Money schmoney oh vey! Sounds a bit weird this one because my wee microphone cant cope with the loud noises.

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