Sunday, 23 July 2006


Lionthief says: (7:43:28 pm)
it was - a techno version of?

James says: (7:43:30 pm)

delifinger says: (7:43:34 pm)
candle in the wind

Boonbeans says: (7:43:37 pm)
american pie

delifinger says: (7:44:00 pm)

Boonbeans says: (7:44:02 pm)
80s bline matchboxx diaster

James says: (7:44:06 pm)
someone was playing a techno version of 'logical song by supertramp' through their phone on the train. so annoying when hungover.

Lionthief says: (7:44:30 pm)
'whaaay do you build me up, buttercup babeeee, just to let me down' etc. how we laughed and ran for the bar

delifinger says: (7:44:41 pm)
thats ......ummmmmm by scootert that crap techno supertramp thing

delifinger says: (7:44:47 pm)

James says: (7:44:50 pm)
brill. *downloads*

delifinger says: (7:44:58 pm)

delifinger says: (7:45:00 pm)

Lionthief says: (7:45:10 pm)
twat scooter?

Lionthief says: (7:45:18 pm)
brilliant. 1st single.

delifinger says: (7:45:33 pm)
yes im gettingone for my bday

delifinger says: (7:45:33 pm)
a bmx twat scooter

Lionthief says: (7:45:35 pm)
does annie know?

delifinger says: (7:45:45 pm)

Lionthief says: (7:45:51 pm)
oh mercy

Lionthief says: (7:45:52 pm)

Lionthief says: (7:46:26 pm)
so..... the DJ'ing was a success for music, but dancing was limited to the groom, laila and some small children.

delifinger says: (7:46:30 pm)
its got pink handle bars and razor blades on the saddle

Lionthief says: (7:46:40 pm)
so all aims were achieved

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