Monday, 19 June 2006


Out now! - The bumble bee ep by delifinger and lionheart. We have made 20 of these musical gems with 3 lionheart and 3 delifinger songs on. So far we have sold one to an unsuspecting member of the general public, one to my mum, one to my sister and one to my girlfriend (gareth I owe you £6!) That means there is only 16 left....shock horror. Each one is uniquely numbered and features a unique doodle from beansonbread. 2 of the tracks were previewed at the lynton and lynmouth festival to over a thousand unintersted listeners. One man tapped his thigh throughout the whole of lionhearts copybook. If you would like one then let us know by any means. You can hear some of the tracks on myspace. Au revoir.

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