Monday, 10 April 2006

Three Worms visited Club Cooler on Saturday afternoon to ensure all was progressing for 'Mother OLO' on the 19th April. It also gave us a chance to ensure that the special DJ'ing equipment we requested had been installed.

Here we see the mixer Seaweed, Delifinger and Lionheart will be using - all knobs, and twiddly bobbins:

Next we have the mixer Boonbeans will be using - it's designed specifically for his 'special fingers'

The buttons are: 1) Play 2) Stop 3) More Stella Now! (connected to Bar)
4) Panic Button (plays 'Poodle Rockin'' by Gorkys, induces instant calming effect)

UPDATE!! Having just noticed that there are two buttons covered by masking tape - we'll have a little competition - the best suggestions for their 'special Boonbeans functions' wins a prize!

Here we see Boonbeans preparing his 'special' fingers, a little later that day......

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Boonbeans said...

i want my teeth whitened like the celebs do!

Boonbeans said...

oooo!! stella button! you're onto something there.